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Ashlee Conery is a contemporary art curator living in London. Originally from Vancouver she has worked with Austrian, Canadian, French and Hungarian artists producing exhibitions in large and small galleries, institutions and off-spaces.


7x8 Curatorial Conversation

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With a Sense of Humour | Neïl Beloufa ICA London

Ashlee Conery

Beloufa’s installation employs a myriad of unexpected (often humorous) objects, that curator Matt Williams explains as disruptions to any overarching dogma emanating from Beloufa’s surrounding video works. What the exhibition lacks are the commonly used floor decals and maps that curators produce and the majority of the public depends upon in order to determine how and when to engage. Nonetheless, here the audience has certainly not been forgotten. Beloufa literally supports their contemplation of work with foam wall bumpers for comfortable leaning. The narration of VENGEANCE fills the room as real-time video moves about, pointing out objects of focus and including passing visitors in the bleed. Reluctantly attributed to post internet art, Beloufa’s work explores methods of communication, our engagement with information technology and the social affects of their amalgamation. (To read the full post visit 7x8 Curatorial Conversations)

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Hubert Duprat

Ashlee Conery

'Gesture and Thought' in the newly renovated Hermès, La Verrière artspace. Curator Guillaume Désanges, also the creator of Work Method and a professor at La Sorbonne, is associated with a long line of conceptual art exhibitions cleverly titled and distinctly experimental. Regardless of the of context Désanges or perhaps the artists he chooses to work with, mis en scène flawlessly accommodates the flair for 'different' that is foundational to all current curatorial discourse (Universal Exhibition, Curated Session #1: The Dora Garcia Files). Désanges is well ahead in the race to consistently work with artists bringing monumentality to work of every scale, while building a bridge between contemporary art and the consumer audience (a.k.a the most democratic and all encompassing of audiences) whose possible attendance causes every institution to twitch in their Eames with eager anticipation. (To read the full post visit 7x8 Curatorial Conversations. bloodspot)

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