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Ashlee Conery is a contemporary art curator living in London. Originally from Vancouver she has worked with Austrian, Canadian, French and Hungarian artists producing exhibitions in large and small galleries, institutions and off-spaces.

Between The Nose and The Mouth

Leonor Serrano Rivas

July 11, 2016 |  chisenhale studios lodnon

Performance to sculpture by artist Leonor Serrano Rivas PERFORMErs: Svenja Bühl, Daniel Tebano and Luca Branea


To amplify and reverberate what occurs inside out and outward in, Leonor Serrano Rivas drew from techniques outlined by Vitruvius for amplifying sound through hollow space and azoic materials. Chisenhale Studios opening its doors in July to peal its presence along a canal of almost stagnant waters, its sheen surface perfect for sending messages down the lock. How to listen to aesthetic codes speak and ornament sing was the focus of Rivas's evening of performance to sculpture. The artist played by Luca Branea moving diligently sculptures around the studio, the sounds manifesting in waves across the exterior wall, the undulating pattern interpreted again by figures across the river. Practice reaching out to the world.  Voices moved about the space, over water, metal and brick, testing Riva's copper additions to the building as basic means for amplifying the actions occurring within.