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Ashlee Conery is a contemporary art curator living in London. Originally from Vancouver she has worked with Austrian, Canadian, French and Hungarian artists producing exhibitions in large and small galleries, institutions and off-spaces.

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Artists: Robyn DuTemple (Toronto) |  Sarah Feuillas (Paris)  |  Paul Halliday (London) | Edgar Honetschläger (Vienna)  |  Elvedin Klačar (Vienna)  |  Ho Leng (Singapore)  |  Delphine Pouillé (Paris)  |  Tomboy (Barcelona)  |  Alessandro Vizzini (Rome) 

Our Collaborators:

Goldsmiths, University of LondonAkademie der bildenden Künste Wien,ArtGuideEastARTplaccPROJEKTplacc

A curatorial project conceived by 7x8 for ARTPLACC that considered the inherent benefits and cultural ramifications of decay. Selected international artists created works that were intended to exist within this specific landscape, as well as site-specific performances and programming, all of which was exposed to the natural elements and material changes over the four day period. Urban works explore socio-cultural uncertainties that bring sentiments of loss and an inescapable decay. Working with the festival’s theme of the Berlin Wall, the exhibition considered how ideological decay can similarly impact natural and manufactured environments. Curating both on site and online, this exhibition focused on artists actively documenting, initiating and preventing decay, oscillating between meaning, process and creation.

7x8 is a curatorial collective founded by 7 curators based in London, New York, Rome, Toronto + Vienna