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Ashlee Conery is a contemporary art curator living in London. Originally from Vancouver she has worked with Austrian, Canadian, French and Hungarian artists producing exhibitions in large and small galleries, institutions and off-spaces.


alk. Heaven Is A Place where Nothing Ever Happens


From Vancouver, Canada, Ashlee Conery is based in the UK. She is a member of FormContent (London + Vienna), Curator of the Florence Trust (London) and an independent curator. Her practice has included curating exhibitions for public and commercial art galleries, private collections, art fairs and assisting individual artists and collectors. She holds an MFA in Curating from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her recent exhibitions include: 

p a r ç a l a n m ı ş p a r ç a p a r ç a l a r, Artist: Carys Briggs + Architect: Francis Field @ Pi Artworks, Istanbul (January - February 2017)

PANDO: Enclave Lab, hosting discourse between various artists’ proxies, co-directors of the lab: Ashlee Conery and Christian Lübbert @ Enclave, London (July/August 2016)

Between the Mouth and the Nose, Artist: Leonor Serrano Rivas @ Chisenhale Studios, London (July 2016)

we do not speak, but confine ourselves briefly to the surface, co-curated by: Ashlee Conery and Letitia Calin, @ ICA, London (22 June 2016)


FormContent (est.2007) is currently engaged with The Subject Interrupted. Exhibitions have include: In the wake of his surrounding, he fades Extra City, Antwerp (September 2016), A Farway Rendez-vou SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen (August 2016), Practicing habits of the day at ICA, Singapore (December 2016) 

Recent Press

NYX a Nocturnel, London "An Interview with 7x8 Kuratoren"

Le Parisien, "Pavilion des Indes: Visitez un Atelier d'Artiste" Nuit Blanche. Issue 3 October 2014

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